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About Us

WD Mackenzie Transport LimitedWe have various combinations of purpose built hiabs both mid mounted and rear mounted these features include:

Lifting Capacity

Adaptable and flexible to load. Maximum weight 16 tonne at one meter to the minimum two tonne at twenty meters.

Greater control

using the radio remote systems operators can guide loads quickly, safely and more precisely to their designated drop zone.

Winching Capability

Each hiab is also fitted with a winch that allows us to drop customer’s product through the top of a building to an area requested by the receiver.


vehicles can cart supplies to and from job sites.


In the form of four outriggers, two that are mounted to the front of the vehicle and two to the rear of the vehicle. These can be opened to a maximum of three meters and are adjustable depending on the terrain and the working space provided by each working area.

Our Fleet Includes

Our Fleet includes a variety of tractor units which tow a 40ft trailer, b-trains, step deck trombones, quad axel trailers etc. We have flat decks with 7.3m deck and rear/mid mount hiabs. We have a truck that converts into a tipper. We have a 7.5tonne digger with rubber tracks available for hire. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding Mackenzie Transport’s fleet.

In addition we also have:

  • A fleet of flat deck configurations that have a maximum carrying capacity of up to 27 tonnes
  • Trombone trailer up to 28 meters
  • Two pilot vehicles offering C-grade to A-grade certified pilots
  • Two man cage, which is often used on roofing projects
  • Pallet forks that are used for the loading / unloading of palletized products

Health and safety

Health and safety is of paramount concern to our Mackenzie Transport team. We have strict rules and regulations in regards to the health and safety of not only our team members but also the wellbeing of other around all dangerous equipment and hazardous areas

This is demonstrated by:

  • Each job has health and safety integrated into its plan
  • All hiabs are tested and certified annually
  • All lifting equipment is tested and certified annually
  • All chains and tie downs are tested and certified annually
  • Each driver has the appropriate safety wear
  • Each vehicle has a copy of our health and safety manual
  • Each vehicle has a first aid kit
  • Each vehicle has a fire extinguisher fitted.
  • Each truck holds its own spill kit in case of leaks and/or spillage